Excercises To Help You Deal With Your Bunion Pain

There are many different types of exercises for your foot area which you must consider. Some are great in relieving any pain you might have. Most of the time people develop bunions on the edges or sides of their feet. It can cause a lot of pain and swelling too. It can then lead to arthritis in the future. Here are some exercises that you can do which will help you deal with the bunion pain you are facing:

STRETCHING THE TOE AREA You can try to stretch the toe area as much as you can. This will loosen any pain you might face too. You will have to point your feet in one area for a period of 5-10 seconds or more. Sometimes when the exercises are repeated it will make you feel better. Make sure that you do use the correct bunion products in Singapore for the procedure.

FLEXING AS WELL AS CONTRACTING This is a great way for you to press your toe area against a hard area or surface. You can even try the wall which will help you to flex as well as stretch a lot better. Make sure that you hold it for 10-15 seconds or more. If you try to flex in the wrong direction you might end up with blisters. Make sure that you do try to repeat the process a couple of times or so.

RESISTANCE WORKOUT This workout is a great way for you to practice by using particular fingers to pull the big toes on your feet. You can use it to align your toes properly but make sure that you do use other bunion solutions like vinegar and salt to alleviate any swelling before the workout. This will make it easier for you to get rid of severe pain you might have.

ROLLING BALLSThis is yet another method for you to focus on if you want to reduce any pain. You can use a golf ball which you can sit on and roll to reduce any inflammation you might have. You will have to keep rolling it to reduce any cramping or even any strain you might face. Make sure that you do ask someone who is experienced for assistance especially if this is the first time that you are attempting any massage strategies. Remember that there are many exercises which you can perform on your foot area make sure that you do use the correct ones for the job. If you are not comfortable with the task then you must consultant a doctor for help.