New And Upcoming Marketing Trends

Marketing can be one of the most important activities of a business. When you say the word ‘marketing’ what people traditionally think about is advertising, promotion and somehow selling the product. However, this is a misconception. True enough it does include advertising and promotion, but that is not the only element of it. Marketing is about seeking for needs of people and striving to satisfy them. It involves all the aspects of product, price, place and promotion.

With the evolution of time, marketing too has developed throughout the years. Traditionally marketing was about sales only. They did not pay attention to what people want. Then they looked into a balance between all the activities of a business and increasing profit through increased sales. Then they took customer needs into consideration and then they involved all the people involved in a transaction and nowadays a green marketing strategy is been followed. Eco-friendly products, eco-friendly marketing tools, eco corporate gifts in Singapore etc. are in the spotlight. So here are some of the new marketing trends in detail.

1. Holistic Marketing

This is the act of involving everyone in all levels of the organization in the marketing process. From the low level employees to the senior managers to the customers, all are involved. This is very important since all of them represent you in the outside world. Their feedback and support can be very helpful. As a simple example, if a customer has requested an urgent order and the driver of the goods truck brings the stuff in late, the whole organization’s rapport is at stake. Hence it is important to involve the driver too and get him to do his duty even better than expected.

2. Social media

Social media is nowadays the most powerful mode of communication and promotion. Most organizations open up websites, web pages on Facebook, blogs etc. to spread the word. This is highly used by products aimed at youngsters who them share details about such products with their friends. Some companies organize online games, contests, events too to attract customers.

3. The ‘green’ concept

Most people are now moving towards a ‘green’ concept. People are keen on buying environmentally friendly products and they also support any company that does well to the environment. People have come up charities and societies to protect the environment. Organizations mostly target such events so that they can distribute eco corporate souvenirs as a marketing strategy.

The above are easy trends that you could follow so that you can face competition confidently. Organizations should always be able to adapt to new trends so that they will not be left behind.