Protection Policy Contracts

The lack of integrity and transparency to most issues facing the world today has led to a mass of humanity distrusting schemes that involve money, even though it may from the outside look interesting. Hence when it comes to monitory loans and coverage policies people tend to give it a shy.For example a car insurance which is mandatory in most countries, even though it has a benefit has also it’s not so lucrative side. Most insurance policies are geared to show the public that it always has the public’s good at heart, but all said and done it is a business and no business will start up without aiming to gain massive profits into their bank roll. Not all insurance policies are fraudulent, but every minute detail must be checked preferably by a professional as to what the hidden and untold clauses are.

A good car insurance will definitely have its benefits such as insurance against theft, accident damage and medical insurance as well in case of accident. Further insurances can also sometimes cover damage in case of natural disaster. Hence there are benefits that can be gathered in a good insurance policy.


Apart from a vehicle protection policy, insuring your home will have more benefits on the long term. Most home insurance policies have a very wide repertoire of issues it covers, and of course each topic must be paid for by a higher insurance cost by the client on a yearly or monthly basis. The higher the insurance policies the more in depth will the policy cover.

The negative and the positive of protection policies

Unfortunately as insurance policies go it is not always possible for the client to foresee the future calamities that might occur due to changes in the environment and other causes. An insurance policy might cover flood damage, but might omit to cover a damage caused by a hurricane. Protection policies for vehicles must adapt to changes in the environment and society to give a better service to the public. All protection policies must come under an authorized regulation body to ensure proper and safe policies to safe guard the individual’s right.

Medical insurance would be a good example of the chaos medical protection policies can cause, as there is no way of knowing what illness may befall you as time goes by, and thus when money is most needed it may not be at hand due to the fact that the policy that the individual has acquired does not cover that particular illness. Factually how many illnesses can one insurance policy cover considering the amount of new ailments coming up due to the stress of the 21st century?