The Different Fluids That Make Your Car Run

Cars are machines that need a lot of maintenance work done on them in order to keep running as smoothly as possible. The easiest thing you can do to make sure that your car is as healthy as it can be is to check up on the fluid levels in the car. There are some fluids that you need to pay a lot of attention to regularly. Remember that most of the maintenance work for your car is going to be preventative. This means that it is done to avoid bigger problems from arising. Anyone who knows how to open their hood should also learn how to check their fluids. This includes the level of fluid in each part of the car as well as the quality of the fluid. This helps you determine whether it needs to be replaced or not.

Engine Oil is the First Thing to Chec

Making sure that you conduct regular checks into the quality and the level of the fluid in your car ensures that the car remains running in good condition. Good transmission fluid means that you won’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on auto transmission repair either. Of course, one of the first things you need to learn with a new car is how to check the level and the quality of the engine oil. Every car uses it and they all have the same process to check on the level. All you need to do in most cars is to open the hood, find the stick that measures the oil levels, pull it out and wipe it away. Then, repeat the process to check the level of the oil. There is a marker to show the safe level of the oil in the engine. If not, you will need to add more oil to the engine before you run the car again. 

Your Transmission Fluid is Extremely Important

Your transmission fluid on the other hand, is found in your gearbox restoration. It keeps the gears in your car moving smoothly without friction. The level of transmission fluid is essential to avoiding costly auto transmission repair being needed all the time. The level can be checked on in the same way as your engine oil. The only difference is that your car needs to be running when you do it.

While you can survive with low engine oil for a little while, the transmission fluid has to always be at the right level. If you are inspecting the fluid, make sure that you check on the quality as well. It should look red in color and not smell like it is burnt. If the fluid is brown or smells burnt, replace it immediately.