The Perfect Part Time Job For A College Student

When in collage you are on a strict budget, getting a part-time job is the best way to earn some easy money. Students usually settle for retail jobs but the thing is it tends to interfere with your class times. One great opportunity is to be a baby sitter.

Why it is the right choice

There are various babysitting services Singapore available. You can add your availabilities accordingly if it co insides with a client then you are sorted. If you are someone who is passionate about children and love spending time with them this is the right part-time job for you. You not only get to spend time with children but you also develop your skills. You learn to communicate with children, organize activities that will keep them entertained and also take care of them. These experiences you go through will prepare you for professional field like social work or teaching where communicating with kids are vital.

Becoming a part time baby sitter also comes with its responsibilities. You should be able to handle tantrums, fussy kids can be very hard to handle. You should know basic first aid in cases of emergency. You should be attentive and always in the lookout. It would be an added advantage if you learn about child care & safety. You will be extra qualified if you are trained in CPR and first aid.

Benefits of a part time job

The first benefit is that you have easy hours, you schedule your working hours according to your wish. And when at work you would usually end up watching cartoons with kids or doing activities or even simply helping them out with homework. Along with being a baby sitter you also tend to create an influence on the children. If you are very friendly, caring and fun to be with kids will love you.

A baby sitter is also a job so you got to be professional. You have to arrive on time. You should always show respect to the parent’s schedules’ for the children. It crucial that you never cancel last minute. It is important that you don’t get distracted or stay on the phone when you are on duty. It is equally important that you impress the parents that you are taking good care of their children, so be organized. Talk to them about how your day went with the kids. Always have a positive attitude and follow their house rules.

The most important thing to know is that the parents trust you to serve at their homes and be with their children. So your personal character and behaviors should be at its best.