Tips For Camping Trips For The Glamorous

Camping is one of the most fun activities that you can do. This is at least according to the current ‘glamping’ trend going on now. This is farther away from the traditional meaning of camping where you sleep in a tent and sometimes end up cooking bugs with your breakfast. But for most who want to enjoy the camping adventure yet not dive too much into being cavemen style, here are some ideas.

Protecting your toilet paper roll

When going camping, toilet paper is a luxury. If you are going further into the less populated areas and such, it is a rarity. But if you are just going to hang around the civilization areas and venture into the forests and the dunes for a bit, taking toilet paper is easy. But protecting it from the weather’s frivolous mood swings is hard. If you do not have a proper waterproof cover and sometimes even if you do, you stuff gets soaked. So to protect paper rolls, put it inside a coffee can or a large plastic or metal can that it can fit inside. It is easier to dispense the roll if you make a cut on the side to get the paper out of.

Measures for mosquito control

If you are going down to the tropical countries, having proper measures for this will save your life. Usually natural mosquito control like birds and bats are in equilibrium in natural environments. And it is not recommended to use scented candles and such when you are going into the forested areas where predators that you cannot fight off live in (bears, wolves and such). Smells and fires usually attract predators, and especially when they are used to bagging meals by the fires. Otherwise you can use sage as it is a natural repellant.

DIY lantern for emergencies

If you run of battery or your light works but the shade gets broken as such you can use this method. Use your jug of water or water bottle and strap a head lamp or a torch into it. The face of the torch or headlamp should be onto the water filled container. The water will act as a distributor for the light rays and reflect it everywhere. Although this is for emergencies, it is highly recommended to take spare batteries or a solar charger to make sure that you do not end up in emergencies.

Make sure to take your medication and a first aid box with you. Although this is the 21st century, an ambulance or a helicopter cannot reach you in the middle of a forest. Clickt this link for more information about bed bug control in Singapore.