What Had The Feminist Movements Brought Us?

According Marxist, the whole world’s history is influenced by money. There he had said if there is a reason for the economic part of a development would lead or break a contact. When there is other ways of producing a product with little to no cost of loss, this will threaten the already existing ways. Thus people will cause a revolution to accommodate the new methods as a fusion to the old methods.
Similarly, when females were repeated captured their freedom, it would raise questions. Moreover; in a yearly across study, you can find that there is adequate places where women were free and given equality. At first their freedom and equality was cut down short; but they were respected. But later as time progressed, they were not given any type of freedom, or equality and especially there was no respect. They were abused and treated badly. They were used basically like unpaid female servant. In those days, there were no sanitation services. So basically they were treated as a cleaning crew.
Therefore they rebelled against existing societies and social evils. They were given liberty to do the things they want in the way they wish. Now it was agreed that they will be given enough right and freedom to do as they wish.

But anything and everything is being when someone has a better control over it or when someone is given too much of power, they will exploit it. Now in this 21st century, this is what happened – exploitation of power. Females under the pretext or facade of feminisms and feminist are making so many errors.
No this certainly does not mean that all feminist nowadays are bad. It just means most of them are making freedom and rights for granted but they are also misusing the given power. For example, in name of females revolution and more people are exploiting the rights of individual persons.
This will in turn lead back to slavery. For example, when Beyoncé was going on about her sports dress will turn up to be good source to employ women. Everyone was pleased. Moreover, her songs spoke volumes for her, unfortunately, she turn out to be another money driven person who would not held responsible for her words. She literally started slave trade again!
It is sad to find prominent leaders and famous people are just exploiting their own power and liberty. These people need a dosage of reality and they are not queens or kings or any kind of royalty from a Kingdom. This should be stopped and exploitation of power is leading to abuse of people. Click this link http://www.lifelinecleaning.com.sg/services.html for more information about carpet cleaning in Singapore.