Why It Is Hard To Build Our Own Dream House?

We’re living in a very modernize and modified world, where everything’s have changed according to the time change. But still we can see that these life style changes in certain class of people but there is another class of people who have no idea about it. This is our current social structure, where we can see three different types of class people live here, such as higher class, middle and lower classes.

The high class people live a luxurious and expensive life where they can do whatever they want by their money power, the middle class people who lives a very ordinary life and they only have enough money for their day to day life expenses and the lower class people who doesn’t have enough money to full fill their basic needs. In this class category we can see that most of the higher class people have their own luxurious houses and some of them own more than two houses also. On the other hand the lower class people who doesn’t have capacity to think about their own houses in their hard life style. However the middle class people are the category of people who dreams about their own houses and work hard for that.

It is important to note that building our own house is not an easy thing, because it takes long time to build, it cost a lot and there are so many legal procedures etc. Also when we build our own house we all like to do our best, such as finding a best builders, best interior design in Singapore and best gardening etc. but when we try to do our best things then it will automatically increase our budget level, because best things are very expensive.

However there are some alternative options are available for us to do these all in a lower cost. For example, when we are selecting the interior designs, if we select something like condo interior design then it doesn’t cost a lot like other expensive deigns. These days’ people believe that we can best thing by paying high amount. However it’s not true we can find the best services in reasonable prices, but we have to do a good market research to find best service, if we failed to do then we can’t search them that easily.

Moreover dreaming to build a house is not a bad thing but we have to make sure that our dream shouldn’t be a day dream which will never come true.